Seminar Series

Spring 2017 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 26 Dr. Tom Ganz
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
University of California, Los Angeles
Systemic Iron Homeostasis: Mechanisms and Disorders.
Feb. 2 Nita Salzman
Antimicrobial peptides: mediators of intestinal colonization, homeostasis and defense
Feb. 9 Dr. Rita Strakovsky
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Endocrine disruptors, maternal adiposity, and gestational estrogen status
Feb. 16 Adam Kuchnia
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
University of Minnesota
Novel methods to monitor nutrition status and determine protein needs in clinical populations
Mar. 2 Dr. Zhiping Yu
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
University of North Florida
Eating disorders and obesity: contributing factors and clinical intervention?
Mar. 9 Dr. Nita Salzman MD, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin
How antimicrobial peptides can modulate the colonization of the intestine by beneficial vs. harmful (e.g multi drug resistant) bacteria and the health consequences of this.
Mar. 16 Joshua Mezrich
 You Are What You Eat; The Effects of Diet on the Gut Immune System in Health and Disease
Mar. 30 Dr. Kent Reed
University of Minnesota
 Functional genomics in a non-model system: response of the turkey to external stressors
Apr. 6 Porsha Howell
IGPNS Ph.D Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 13 Karl Miller
IGPNS PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 20 Ting-Ni Huang
IGPNS PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 27 Stephanie Mondloch
IGPNS PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 4 Bridget Stroup
IGPNS PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Autumn 2016

Date Presenter Subject
Sept. 15 Dr. Amin Afrazi
Regulation of Toll-like Receptor 4 signaling in Enterocytes during Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Sept. 22 Dr. Patricia J. Keely
Chair, Dept. of Cell
and Regenerative Biology
Effect of the Microenvironment on Tumor Cell Metabolism
Sept. 29 Dr. Frank Lee
Perelman School of Medicine
Prolyl Hydroxylase 2 (PHD2), a Sensor of the Nutrient Oxygen
Oct. 6 Dr. Amber Smith
Creating a Solid Foundation: Aligning Mentor-Mentee Expectations
Oct. 13 Dr. Tom O’Halloran
Dept. of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Zinc sparks and the control of the mammalian egg-to-embryo transition
Oct. 20 Dr. Jackie Wisinki
MANTP Post-Doctoral Trainee
Novel mechanisms of pancreatic beta and platelet dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Oct. 27 Dr. David Weimer
Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Health Care Report Cards
Nov.3 Dr. Cindy Davis
Director of Grants and Extramural Activities, NIH
Diet, Microbiome and Health
Nov. 10 Dr. Joshua Mezrich,
You Are What You Eat; The Effects of Diet on the Gut Immune System in Health and Disease
Nov. 17 Dr. Barb Mickelson
Dr. Jessica Flowers
Nutritionist, Technical Services, Envigo Teklad Diets
Laboratory Animal Diets: Research Variable and Research Tool
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!
May you always find more to be grateful for than bitter about!
Dec. 1 Dr. Drucy Borowitz
Dept. of Pediatrics, SUNY-Buffalo
The Baby Observational Nutrition Study (BONUS) in Cystic Fibrosis
Dec. 8 Karl Miller
Dept. Nutritional Sciences (IGPNS)
PGC-1a Directed Metabolic Networks in Aging and Caloric Restriction
Dec.15 Dr. Charles Brenner
Dept. of Biochemistry,
University of Iowa (MANTP)
Nicotinamide riboside: From Discovery to Human Translation


Spring 2016

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 21 Dr. Timothy Reddy
Duke University
Regulatory Mechanisms of Gestational Diabetes and the Discovery of a Novel Human Hexokinase
Jan 28
Feb. 4 Dr. William Karasov
Wildlife Digestion: A View from Molecules to Ecosystems
Feb. 11 Stefano Rivella
University of Pennsylvannia
Children’s Hospital of Philidelphia
Modulation of iron metabolism for the treatment of erythroid disorders
Feb. 18 Joel Mason, MD Cellular pathways of which obesity promotes Colon Carcinogensis
Feb. 25 Charles Stephenson
 Vitamin A is Essential for Immune Function: Does This Mean Vitamin A Supplementation Improves Vaccine Responses
Mar. 3 Elizabeth Johnson (alum)
Tufts University
Lutein and It’s Role in Cognitive Function
Mar. 10 Emily Sawin
Graduate Student
Mar. 17 Josh Mezrich, MD
UW Associate Professor
 You Are What You Eat; The Effects of Diet on the Gut Immune System in Health and Disease
Mar. 24 Spring Break
Mar. 31
Apr. 7 Andrew Rogers, MD Normal and abnormal intestinal development in the Fgfr2IIIb mouse model
Apr. 14 Patti Keely
UW, Professor and Chair
Dept of Cell and Regenerative Biology
Imaging Metabolic Signatures in Situ within the Tumor Microenvironment
Apr. 21 Karen Reue Sex Chomosome Effects on Obesity and Lipid Metabolism
Apr. 28 Josh Neuman
Graduate Student
 G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Targets for Improving Beta-Cell Function in Acute and Chronic Conditions of Glucose Intolerance
May 5 Rush Dhillon
Dept. Biomolecular Chemistry
Epigenetics Theme – WI
Institute for Discovery


Autumn 2015

Date Presenter Subject
Sept. 10 Dr. Melissa Kaczmarczyk,
Associate Principal Nutrition Scientist, PepsiCo
The Role of Industry in the Advancement of Nutritional Sciences
Sept. 17 Dr. Christina Chambers,
University of California, San Diego
Nutrition and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Can We Modify Risk?
Sept. 24 Dr. Zhuoxi (Joe) Wu,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
HIF1-alpha in the Heart: Provision of Ischemic Cardioprotection and Remodeling Nucleotide Metabolism
Oct. 1 Dr. Corby Martin,
Louisiana State University
Effectively Applying Mobile Health Approaches to Improve Outcomes
Oct. 8 Dr. Verónica López-Teros,
Universidad de Sonora
The Use of Stable Isotopes in Human Nutrition in Mexico
Oct. 15 Dr. Julie Howe,
Auburn University
Peanuts, in a Nutshell
Oct. 22 Dr. Joseph Pierre,
University of Chicago
Primary Bile Acid Surgical Diversion Improves Adiposity and Glycemic Control in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Oct. 29 Dr. Amanda Palmer,
Johns Hopkins University
Agriculture for Nutrition & Health: The role of aflatoxin as an “anti-nutrient”
Nov. 5 Dr. Bill Schrage,
Department of Kinesiology
Vascular Responses to Environmental Stress in Human Metabolic Syndrome
Nov. 12
Nov. 19 Dr. Lisa Cadmus-Bertram,
Department of Kinesiology
Physical Activity and Health Promotion for Cancer Prevention and Survivorship
Nov. 26 Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
May you always have more to be grateful for than bitter about!
Dec. 3 Dr. David Eide,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Homeostatic and Adaptive Responses to Zinc Deficiency
Dec. 10 Bryan Gannon,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Applications of 13C in Vitamin A Assessment and Maize Carotenoid Bioefficacy

If you would like a pdf version of our Seminar Series schedule, please click Autumn 2015 Seminar Schedule.