Food Safety and Access

Need to find food now? Call 1 (800) 5-HUNGRY or visit:

Why HungerWhy Hunger
Get help finding food pantries, soup kitchens, summer meals sites, government nutrition programs, and local organizations.


Keep Food Safe

UW ExtensionUW Extension Food Safety & Health
Stay informed about selecting, preparing, preserving, and serving food safely in Wisconsin.


FoodKeeperUSDA FoodKeeper
Use this app for your smartphone to get advice on how to store specific foods in order to keep them fresh and safe. Find it on the App Store or Google Play.
Find food recall and food poisoning warnings as well as information about keeping, preparing, and serving food safely.


Finding Food Assistance

2112-1-1 Food or call 2-1-1
Connect with government programs, in-home meal delivery, soup kitchens, community garden support, and other food assistance resources. – Food Assistance Programs
Learn about food assistance programs like SNAP, WIC, Child Nutrition Programs, and Nutrition Programs for seniors.


UW ExtensionUW Extension Family Living Program
Find information about nutrition education, food safety, hunger and food security in Wisconsin, as well as other health topics.


WisconsinConnectionsWisconsin Connections
Read about food and nutrition assistance programs for children, adults, and seniors and learn how to apply.