Human Studies Recruitment

Green Vegetables and Women’s Health

The University of Wisconsin Department of Nutritional Sciences in collaboration with the Osteoporosis Research Program is conducting an eight week research study evaluating the effects of green vegetable consumption on estrogen metabolism.
If you……
• are a woman, age 40-50 with regular menstrual cycles of 23-35 days
• are not taking any hormone replacement therapy
• are a healthy, non-smoker
……….you may be eligible to participate

The study includes:
• Bone density and body composition testing
• Blood and urine testing
• Green vegetable, green vegetable supplement, or placebo for 8 weeks

All study procedures, testing, and study supplements are provided at no charge. Study participants receive $20 compensation at the first and second completed clinic visit and, if you are eligible, $200 for completion of the rest of the study.
To find out more about how you may be able to participate, call:
608-512-6456(primary) or 608-262-5820
and ask for the “Green Vegetable Study”