Scholarships are available, for qualifying undergraduates, through the Department of Nutritional Sciences.  Scholarships are awarded based on merit and need.  Below is a listing of available scholarships. You may click on the individual award names in the left column to learn more about the scholarship and donors.

Award Name # of Awards* Amount per Award* Eligibility
Burkhardt 1 varies Dietetics, Nutritional Sciences; So, Jr, Sr
Delwiche 1 $500-$1000 Dietetics, Nutritional Sciences; Jr, Sr
Holz 1 $1000 Dietetics, Nutritional Sciences
Goessling 6 $500-$1500 Dietetics, Nutritional Sciences; any undergrad studying in the field of nutrition.
Karen Spector 1 $1000-$1250 Dietetics; Sr
Kitty Clark Cole 1 full (in-state) tuition Dietetics; Nutritional Sciences, Jr, Sr
Lorenz 1 $1000 Dietetics
McCarthy 1 $750-$2000 Dietetics; any undergrad or grad studying in the field of dietetics.
Cargill-Benevenga Varies; 4-8 $1500-$3000 Undergrads working on research in Nutritional Sciences

*May change depending on fund availability

To apply for any of the above awards visit the CALS Scholarships website. The Cole and Spector awards also require a 200 word cover letter addressing career goals with plans to achieve them and a listing of extracurricular activities. Please visit their individual pages for more information.

In addition, applicants may also be considered for a large number of awards that are made by CALS. A list of these awards is available at the CALS Scholarships website.


Other Scholarships and Financial Aid

In addition to those offered through the Department of Nutritional Sciences and CALS, scholarships are available through a variety of other sources and organizations. You may find a list of some common ones below:

You will also find other scholarships within the University of Wisconsin at UW Scholarships. Financial aid assistance and information may be found at the University’s Financial Aid Office.