Sadie and Richard Delwiche Scholarship Fund

The Sadie and Richard Delwiche Scholarship Fund originated January 31, 2007.  The fund is designated for an undergraduate student of junior or senior standing in the Nutritional Sciences Department.  Preference will be given to a student with demonstrated financial need.

Application Procedure

To apply, access the CALS Scholarship application through your student center.  Go to MyUW and enter the Online Application in the Services tab, or click Scholarships@UW-Madison in your Student Center. Match yourself to scholarships in the My Scholarship Matches tab.

About the donors:

Richard and Sadie Delwiche met as students at the University of Wisconsin.   Richard graduated with a BS in Ag Economics in 1935 and a MS degree in Ag Economics in 1936.  Sadie graduated in 1935 with a degree in Dietetics.  She used her degree to achieve positions as a hospital dietitian in Philadelphia, Milwaukee, and Madison.  Richard and Sadie married on October 17, 1941.  For most of their life together they raised five children in Green Bay in a home filled with love support, and superb home cooking.  Richard and his sister and six brothers were children of Professor E.J. Delwiche of the U.W. Agronomy Department and a leading figure in the University’s Experiment Station system. All seven brothers were graduates of the U.W. College of Agriculture, and all went on to careers in agriculture-related fields. Richard and two of his brothers were partners in a Green Bay retail dairy, Delwiche Farms Incorporated.

While Richard was the breadwinner, Sadie’s work included raising the family, as well as involvement in numerous church and community activities.  While in her 50s, Sadie took coursework necessary to become a teacher and afterwards taught in St. Matthew’s School in Green Bay for several years.  Richard and Sadie raised 5 children, were blessed with 14 grandchildren, and the next generation had started with 9 great grandchildren (Grace, Alia, Linnea, Sadie, Maeva, Danielle, Nora, Ben and Leo). Their lives were structured towards the values of family, education and community. Among their activities in later years was volunteering together at Heritage Hill State Park.  Richard died 1/1/98 and Sadie on 12/30/08.  The benefits Sadie received from her Dietetics degree, as well as the values that Richard and Sadie lived by, inspired the Delwiche Family to create this scholarship.  Friends and family have donated so students can benefit.