Student Research

When searching for employment during the school year, a general request to individual labs and departments works occasionally, but a more strategic approach is to read through faculty research descriptions on the faculty web page and then send an email directly to the faculty whose research is of interest to you. A good time to do this is about 4-8 weeks before the start of the new semester. See below for a list of faculty members.

David J. Eide, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D,1987. Nutritional genomics and molecular responses to changes in nutrient status.

Richard S. Eisenstein, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1985. Iron metabolism; posttranscriptional control of proteins required for the uptake, storage, and use of iron.

Guy E. Groblewski, Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1991. Intracellular signal transduction in gastrointestinal epithelial cells.

Huichuan J. Lai, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., R.D., 1995. Epidemiological studies linking nutrition and disease outcomes in pediatric populations.

Denise M. Ney, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1986. Gastrointestinal physiology, nutrient-hormone interactions, and nutritional management of phenylketonuria.

James M. Ntambi, Steenbock Professor of Nutritional Sciences (also Biochemistry); Ph.D., 1985. Mechanisms of fat cell differentiation; regulation of gene expression by dietary and hormonal factors.

Beth Olson, Associate Professor. Ph.D – Nutrition, University of California at Davis. Breastfeeding support and improving infant feeding practices.

Susan M. Smith, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1987. Mechanism of vitamin A action in embryogenesis; molecular mechanism of fetal alcohol syndrome.

Roger A. Sunde, Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1980. Selenium deficiency as a model for nutrient regulation of gene expression; molecular mechanism of selenium regulation and homeostasis; biochemical functions of selenium.

Sherry Tanumihardjo, Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D., 1993. Vitamin A assessment methodology; carotenoid bioavailability; and international nutrition.

Eric Yen, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Sciences; Ph.D. 2000. Intestine, assimilation of dietary fat, and energy balance.


Students may also find opportunities listed in the Student Job Center.