Research Opportunities

Student research is an invaluable experience for student development. Students have the opportunity to be involved in research through the Biology series, independent research, and/or job opportunities.

When searching for employment during the school year, a general request to individual labs and departments works occasionally, but a more strategic approach is to read through faculty research descriptions on the faculty web page and then send an email directly to the faculty whose research is of interest to you. A good time to do this is about 4-8 weeks before the start of the new semester. Students may find opportunities research the Nutritional Sciences faculty found on our People Page.

Students may also find opportunities listed in the University Student Job Center website or Handshake, and obtain support getting involved with research through WISCIENCE.

Enrolling in Independent Study for Research Experience

Undergraduate students who are interested in completing research for independent study credit (NS 299 and/or 699), may do so with prior faculty approval. Once your faculty approves you to receive credit for your work, please complete the form below to start the enrollment process.

Undergraduate Independent Study Permission Request

Students who are engaging in independent research under a faculty have the option of enrolling in NS 299 and NS 699. Students who not completed the Biology series (Biology 151 and 152 or Biology 101, 102, and Botany 130) will enroll in NS 299. Those who have completed the Biology series or equivalent may enroll in NS 699. Graduate students should contact the NS Graduate Student Coordinator.

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