Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Department of Nutritional Sciences is striving to build a culture that embraces diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). These values are foundational elements of our excellence and are fundamental components of a positive and enriching learning and work environment for all students, staff, and faculty.

Diverse perspectives are drivers of innovation and relevance surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. With the goal of forming a diverse group to inform and act strategically on long and short-term goals, Nutritional Sciences formed a DEI committee, comprised of undergraduate and graduate students, research and instructional staff, nutritional sciences faculty, and faculty from other departments who are members of the Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program. The responsibility of the Nutritional Sciences DEI Committee is to consider and recommend actions that can be taken by the department and its graduate programs to improve our department’s climate and impact.

Working through an agenda of short and long-term priorities, current focus areas of the DEI Committee include:

  • Enhancing mentor and mentee relationships
  • Diversifying seminar speakers invited to the department
  • Utilizing resources for recruitment and retention of underrepresented students
  • Identifying opportunities for community outreach
  • Implementing training recommendations surrounding diversity, with the vision to cultivate sustained commitment among students, faculty, and staff