Department Chair
David Eide
(608) 263-1613
Rm 250E

Bill Omdahl
(608) 262-2887
Rm 266A

Administrative Assistant
Julie Ewing
(608) 262-2727
RM 266

Undergraduate Advisors
All prospective inquiries for the undergraduate Nutrition and Dietetics degree or the undergraduate Nutritional Sciences major should be sent to Sarah:

Sarah Golla, MSW, GCDF
(608) 265-1020
Rm 238B
Schedule an advising appointment with your account: Starfish

Mona Mogahed, MPS
(608) 262-1332
Room 238A

Students at UW can schedule an advising appointment here: Starfish

Graduate Program Coordinator
All prospective or current graduate student inquiries should be sent to Caitlin:

Caitlin Seifert Irland, M.Ed.
(608) 890-1792
Rm 278

Administrative Manager
Financial, Marketing and Communications, and Human Resources

Scott Anderson, M.S.
(608) 262-2728
Rm 274

IS Resource Support Tech
Desktop and network administration and support.

Elizabeth Kalmbach
(608) 265-0791
Rm 269

Financial Specialist
Mary Lou Krase
(608) 265-2023
Rm 266