We are proud of our alumni and enjoy love to hear what they are doing after receiving their degree from our program. Here some of our alumni share their ‘life after graduation’ stories.

A picture of Megan.Megan Baumler, Ph.D.

Megan is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Graduate Program in Dietetics at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee, WI. In addition to teaching, Megan oversees administration of the graduate program, advises graduate students in their research and coursework.

A picture of Stephen.Stephen Clark, Ph.D

Stephen is an Associate Professor in the department of Nutritional Sciences at Oklahoma State University. He teaches both undergraduate and graduate level courses. Stephen also mentors graduate students as well as undergraduate research scholars.

A picture of Cooper.Jamie Cooper, Ph.D

As an Assistant Professor at Texas Tech University, Jamie teaches undergraduate and graduate courses. Jamie’s lab does human research covering areas of obesity to athletic performance. Currently, her lab is examining metabolic and endocrine responses to high fat meals in women.

Victoria Drake, Ph.D.

At the Linus Pauling Institute at Orgeon State University, Victoria manages the Micronutrient Information Center (MIC). She is responsible for critically reviewing and synthesizing the research on micronutrients, phytochemicals, and other dietary constituents in preventing and treating disease. that is used to provide the MIC with the scientifically accurate information.

A picture of Jessica Flowers.Jessica Flowers, Ph.D., R.D

Jessica is a laboratory animal nutritionist for Teklad Diets. Researchers looking for specific diets for their animal studies discuss their needs with Jessica who then makes recommendations (either existing diets or one she creates specifically for them). Jessica also provides technical support and training for Teklad’s customer service and sales staff.

A picture of John Hollander.John Hollander, Ph.D, F.A.H.A.

John is an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies at the West Virginia University School of Medicine’s Division of Exercise Physiology Center for Cardiovascular and Respiratory Sciences. His research looks at cardiac dysfunction in diabetes at the cellular level.

A picture of Niyati.Niyati Parekh, Ph.D.

Niyati is an Assistant Professor of Public Health Nutrition in the Department of Nutrition, Food Studies and Public Health at NYU. Dr. Parekh is a nutritional epidemiologist whose current Research seeks to investigate the impact of obesity and related Factors on the development of cancer in adults.

A picture of Laura Vailas.Laura Vailas, Ph.D., R.D.

Laura is the First Lady of Idaho State University and Special Advisor to University Advancement. She serves on committees, particularly those involving marketing and communication, development, public relations, student recruitment and retention and university planning. She is on the Advisory Board of Idaho State University Dietetics Program.

Susanne Votruba, Ph.D., R.D.A picture of Susi.

Susi is a Research Nutritionist for the Obesity and Diabetes Clinical Research section of the NIDDK in Phoenix, AZ.. She is responsible for designing and implementing research protocols on energy balance, food intake, and thermogenesis. She is currently the PI on three protocols.Susi also oversees the metabolic kitchen and aids in the training of research fellows.

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