Seminar Series

Spring 2024 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Jan 25 Rob Nix
Promoting Healthy Eating Habits Among Toddlers Living in Poverty: The Recipe 4 Success Preventive Intervention
Feb 1 Webb Smith
Pediatric Obesity Treatment in the Mid-South: Bariatric Surgery, Medication, and Lifestyle Intervention
Feb 8 Lautaro Rostoll Cangiano
Influence of Early Life Microbiota on Dairy Calves’ Health and Disease
Feb 15 Sonia Kupfer
University of Chicago
Feb 22 Angela Byars-Winston
Advancing Culturally Responsive Mentorship
Feb 29 Jill Reedy
NIH National Cancer institute
division of cancer control & population sciences
Assessment of Dietary Patterns Over the Life Course
Mar 7 Michaela Tautman
Mar 14 Kristina Martinez-Guryn
Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) Protects Against Diet-Induced Obesity: A Role for Intestinal Fat Metabolism
Mar 21 Brian Parks
Genetic Approaches to Identify and Validate Genes that Contribute to Metabolic Diseases
Mar 28 Spring Break Spring Break
Apr 4 Susan Johnson
University of Colorado
Caregiver Goals for the Complementary Feeding Period: Comparisons with the Dietary Guidelines for Children under 2
Apr 11 Elizabeth Parks
University of Missouri
The Process of Hepatic Lipogenesis and its Role in Liver Disease
Apr 18 Dave Eide
ZRTs, ZRGs, ZRRs and ZAP – The Genetics of Cellular Responses to Zinc Deficiency
Apr 25 Gulustan Ozturk

Fall 2023 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Sept 7 Amy Kind
The Neighborhood Atlas: Linking Disparities-Aligned EXPOSOME to Brain Health through Data Democratization
Sept 21 Michelle Cooley
Protective Mechanisms in Exocrine Pancreatic Injury
Sept 28 Molly Bray
University of Texas – Austin
Oct 5 Felice Reznik
Oct 12 Janos Zempleni
University of Nebraska
Oct 19 Laura McCulley
Oct 26 Jon Brestoff
Washington University
Cell-to-Cell Transfer of Mitochondria in Obesity, Aging, and Mitochondrial Disease
Nov 2 Snehal Chaudhari
A Microbial Metabolite Remodels the Gut-Liver axis Following Bariatric Surgery
Nov 9 Mario Ferruzzi
University of Arkansas
Nov 16 Emily Heying
College of Saint Benedict/Saint John’s University
Creating Food Secure College Campuses: What We Know and Where We Need To Go
Nov 23 Thanksgiving
Nov 30 Naiman Khan
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
Neuro-pigments to Neuro-cognition: Carotenoids and Cognitive Function
Dec 7 Katrina Phelps
Navigating community-engaged research in the health sciences

Spring 2023 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.


Date Presenter Subject
Jan 26 Kristina Penniston
From Bench to Bedside and Beyond: A Journey from Nutritional Sciences to Interdisciplinary Collaborative Genitourinary Research
Feb 2 Harini Sampath
Rutgers University
Intestinal Stearoyl-CoA Desaturases – Exploring New Roles for an Old Friend
Feb 9 Emily Britt
Rewiring of Glucose and Glycogen Metabolism in Human Neutrophils upon Activation
Feb 16 Erika Philips
Does aflatoxin exposure reduce linear growth in young children? Results from a cluster-randomized trial
Feb 23 Cancelled Cancelled
Mar 2 Jason Locasale
Duke University
Diet and metabolic therapeutics in health and cancer
Mar 9 Melanie Gillingham
Oregon Health Sci University
LCHADD chorioretinopathy: pathophysiology and potential treatments
Mar 23 Molly Mulcahy
Impacts of Chrononutrition on Perinatal Health
Mar 30 Jillian Trabulsi 
University of Delaware
Early diet composition: Impact on energy balance, weight status, and other health outcomes
Apr 6 Scott Soleimanpour
Duke University
The impact of mitochondrial quality control in metabolic disease
Apr 13 Andrea Garber
Advances in the treatment of malnutrition secondary to restrictive eating disorders
Apr 20 Diandra Fields
The role of dietary intake and corresponding plasma metabolomics in determining risk of cerebrovascular disease and mixed pathologies
Apr 27 Kayla Kaeppler
Plant Pigments for Human Health: Role of Carotenoids and Anthocyanins in the Fight Against Chronic Disease
May 4 Katie Osterbauer
Preclinical and Clinical Characterization of Skeletal Muscle Aging
May 11 Rashaun Williams
Intraislet expression of cholecystokinin during diabetic stress conditions

Fall 2022 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Sept 8 Sridevi Krishnan
UC San Diego Health
The Glycome: A Novel Link Between Diet and Metabolic Disease
Sept 15 Rachel Perry
A New Metabolic Driver of Renal Cell Carcinoma: Insights from MOONSHOT
Sept 22 TBA TBA
Sept 29 Aparna Vasanthakumar
AbbVie Genomics Research Center (GRC)
Harnessing Genomics for Novel Target Discovery and Patient Stratification in Alzheimer’s disease Clinical Trials
Oct 6 Somshuvra Mukkopadhyay
University of Texas
SLC30A10, Manganese Homeostasis, and Neuromotor Disease
Oct 13 Erika Anna
Integrating Nutrition Services into Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Mobile Health Care
Oct 20 Feyza Engin
Beta Cell Stress Responses in Type1 Diabetes
Oct 27 Sean Ronnekleiv-Kelly
Circadian Rhythms Impact Pancreatic Cancer Progression
Nov 3 Adam Konopka
Nov 10 Claire Richardson
Investigating how Animal Aging Regulates Neuron Endolysosomal Homeostasis in C. Elegans
Nov 17 Kerry Kornfeld
Washington University
A Tale of Two Lysosomes — How to Store Zinc and Digest the Trash
Dec 1 Grace Guo
Rutgers University
Bile Acids, FXR, and FGF15/19 in Gut-Liver Cross Talk
Dec 8 Liza Makowski
The University of Tennessee
Obesity, Bariatric Surgery, and Immunotherapy in Brease Cancer

Spring 2022 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Jan 27 Mark Brown
Cleveland Clinic
The Role of Abnormal Phospholipid Remodeling in Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Feb 3 D. Lee Alekel
Retired NIH Program
Optional Career Paths for a PhD in a Nutrition-Related Field
Feb 10 David Jacobson
Control of Pancreatic Islet Hormone Secretion by Ion Channels
Feb 17 Yiming (Amy) Qin Metabolic Control of Reversible Protein Acetylation
Feb 24 Rachel Perry
Mar 3 Michael La Frano
Cal Poly Tech
Investigations of the vitamin A metabolome
Mar 10 Veronica Lopez-Teros
U Sonora
Use of ‘in Silico’ Study Subjects to Assess Nutrient Kinetics, Status and Dietary Requirements: an Overview
Mar 17 Grace Yang
Characterization of a Novel Transcription Factor, Transcription Factor 19 (TCF19), in Diabetes Pathogenesis
Mar 24 Gretchen Seim
Dynamic Metabolic Rewiring in Macrophages in Response to Proinflammatory Stimulation
Mar 31 Victoria Flores
Protein Quality as a Determinant of Metabolic Health
April 7 Benjamin Rush
Maximizing the Associations between Bioimaging Modalities to Improve Muscle Health Diagnostics
April 14 Heidi Pak
Calories, Fasting and Time of Day Mediating the Metabolic and Molecular Response to Calorie Restriction
April 21 James Votava
Gene Network Analysis of Publicly Available Mouse Liver Datasets Identifies Regulators of Lipid Metabolism
April 28 Jevin Lorte
Using Computed Tomography to Assess Muscle Health: Steps Towards Clinical Implementation
May 5 Devika Suri
Determining Accuracy of Vitamin A Biomarkers to Guide Global Health Policy
May 12 Monica White

Fall 2021 — All seminars will be held virtually at URL: via Zoom, beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Sept 16th Kevin Pixley
Nutrition Security in the 21th
Century (and forever)
Sept 23rd Roger Sunde
UW Madison
50 Years of Selenium Biochemistry,
Transcriptomics, and Metabolism
Sept 30th Rosalind Coleman
UNC-Chapel Hill
Lipid Metabolism and How Cells
are Organized
Oct 7th Jo Freudenheim
SUNY Buffalo
Diet and Alcohol: Breast Cancer,
and Breast Cancer Survival
Oct 14th Colin
There and Back Again; Multiple
Roles of Yeast Peroxiredoxin Tsa1
in Low Zinc Stress Tolerance
Oct 21st Mark Brown
Cleveland Clinic
The Role of Abnormal Phospholipid
Remodeling in Non-Alcoholic Fatty
Liver Disease
Oct 28th Eric Yen
Intestine and Systemic Metabolism:
Following My Gut Feelings
Nov 4th John Rawls
Duke University
Microbial Regulation of Intestinal
Nov 11th Nathan Welham
Measuring Protein Turnover in Vivo
Nov 18th Venessa Leone
Understanding the Intestinal
Microbiome’s Influence on
Complex Metabolic Diseases
Dec 2nd Andrea Galmozzi
Exploring Adipocyte Function
Using Chemoproteomics Methods
Dec 9th Jessica Hite
Linking Within-host and Between-host Dynamics: A Bioenergetics

Spring 2021 — All seminars will be held via Zoom as linked from within the seminar subject, beginning at 11 am on Thursdays.

Date Presenter Subject
Jan 28th Dr. Anne Merewood
Boston University
Feb 4th No Seminar No Seminar
Feb 11th No Seminar No Seminar
Feb 18th No Seminar No Seminar
Feb 25th No Seminar No Seminar
Mar 4th Bret Goodpaster
Advent Health Research Institute
Mar 11th No Seminar No Seminar
Mar 18th No Seminar No Seminar
Mar 25th No Seminar No Seminar
April 1st Dr. Brian Dewsbury
University of Rhode Island
April 8th Jesse Sheftel
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program
April 15th Mitchell Lavarias
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program
Intestinal Fatty Acid Oxidation Dictates Systemic Nutrient Availability
April 22th Spencer Haws
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program
April 29th Dr. Vijay Singh
Mayo Clinic in Arizona
May 6th Dr. Jeff Rathmell
Vanderbilt University
May 13th Thomas Lawler
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program
May 20th Samantha St. Clair
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program
May 27th No Seminar No Seminar
June 3rd Yirong Wang
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program

Spring 2020 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Jan 23rd Chris Emfinger, PhD The role of Zfp148 in glucose homeostasis
Jan 30th Kristin Malecki, PhD Environment, diet and mental well-being, the role of inflammation and the gut micro-biome and other findings from the Survey of the Health of Wisconsin
Feb 6th No Seminar No Seminar
Feb 13th Bradley Bolling, PhD Anti-inflammatory activity of yogurt mediated by the gut
Feb 20th Jan Peter Van Pijkeren, PhD The interplay between diet-microbe-virus interactions in the gut ecosystem
Feb 27th Alissa Ewer
UW Madison Graduate School
Individual development plans
Mar 5th MANTP Presents: Darren Casey, PhD Use of dietary nitrate for improving cardiovascular health in aging and disease
Mar 12th MANTP Presents: *HSLC Jon Campbell, PhD Expanding the definition of the incretin axis
Mar 19th No Seminar, Spring Break
Mar 26th No Seminar
Apr 2nd No Seminar
Apr 9th No Seminar
Apr 16th No Seminar
Apr 23rd Michael Schaid (Exit Seminar) Ligand Independent Regulation of the inhibitory G-protein Gαz  In Pancreatic β-Cell Compensation and Failure
Apr 30th No Seminar
Mat 7th Dylan Souder (Exit Seminar) TBA
May 14th No Seminar

Fall 2019 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Sept 5th No Seminar
Sept 12th Abigail Johnson, PhD, RD
University of Minnesota
Post-Doc in the Biotechnology Institute
Sept 19th MANTP Presents:
Joseph Mancias, MD, PhD
Harvard Cancer Center
Assistant Professor in Radiation Oncology
Sept 26th Alfonso Morales, PhD
Hidden Treasures of the RNA World
Oct 3rd MANTP Presents:
Matthias Hentze, MD, PhD
European Molecular Biology Laboratory
Director, European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL)
Professor of Molecular Medicine at Heidelberg University
Oct 10th TBD TBD
Oct 17th MANTP Presents:
Irwin Rosenberg, MD
Tufts University
Human Nutrition Research Center of Aging
Oct 24th Rana Gupta Mechanisms Driving Healthy vs. Unhealthy Adipose Tissue Expansion in Obesity
Oct 31st Susan Weiss, PhD
National Institute of Health
US Cannabis Policy: Implications for Public Health
Nov 7th Srinivasan Damodaran Strategies to reduce immune-reactivity of food proteins
Nov 14th MANTP Presents:
Jane-Jane Chen, PhD
Institute for Medical Engineering and Science
Nov 21st Rachel Taylor
(Exit Seminar)
Nov 28th Thanksgiving No Seminar
Dec 5th Michelle Battle, PhD Medical College of Wisconsin
Dec 12th Finals – No Seminar Good luck, students!

Spring 2019 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 24 Barak Blum Organogenesis and functional maturation of the islet of Langerhans
Jan. 31 Kristen Malecki Diet, Inflammation, and Mental Well-Being: A Population Health Approach
Feb. 7 Paul Titchenell Regulation of Hepatic Metabolism by Insulin
Feb. 14 MANTP Presents: Amy Trentham Dietz Global study concludes No Level of Alcohol is Safe- true for breast cancer?
Feb. 21 Rachel Fenske Kimple Research Group TBD
Feb. 28 TBD TBD
March 7 MANTP Presents: Luis Fernandez Metabolic Mitochondrial Dysfunction and Its Implication on Delayed Graft Function in Kidney Transplantation
March 14 Anna E. Thalacker-Mercer TBD
March 21 No Seminar No Seminar- Spring Break
March 28 Lyanne Chin TBD
April 4 Adrienne Cheng TBD
April 11 Tyler Titcomb TBD
April 18 Michelle Cooley TBD
April 25 David Threadgill TBD
May 2 Moon Suhn TBD

Fall 2018 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Sept. 6 MANTP Presents:
Lindsay Traeger
Host genetics and the gut microbiome.
Sept. 13 MANTP and CMB Presents:
Caroline Enns
Oregon Health Sciences
Using gene therapy to study protein-protein interactions in iron homeostasis
Sept. 20 MANTP Presents:
Corinne Engelman
Integration of Genomics and Metabolomics for Precision Health
Sept. 27 MANTP Presents:
Natalie Niemi
Pptc7 is an essential phosphatase for promoting mammalian mitochondrial metabolism and biogenesis.
Oct. 4 Henry Bunn How meat and hunting made us human: Early Pleistocene Homo in East Africa
Oct. 11 Mary Beth Hall
USDA Dairy Forge Research
Eliminating Animal Agriculture in the U.S.: Exploring Potential Impacts
Oct. 18 TBD TBD
Oct. 25 MANTP Presents:
Jose Andres Reyes Perez
Nov. 1 TBD TBD
Nov. 8 Andrea Moosreiner
Medical College of Wisconsin
Bionutrition Services for Translational Research
Nov. 15 Mark Nolte
Peyseur Lab
Body size evolution in 3G: Gough Island Mice, Gene regulation, Growth.
Nov. 22 No Seminar No Seminar: Thanksgiving 
Nov. 29 TBD TBD
Dec. 6 TBD TBD
Dec. 13 No Seminar No Seminar: Study Day 
Dec. 20 No Seminar No Seminar: Good luck on Final Exams!

Spring 2018 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 25 Dr. Tom Fleming, BSc, Ph.D. The origins of lifetime health from around the time of conception
Feb. 1 Dr. John Li, Ph.D.
Post-Doc: Park’s Lab
(Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program)
Identification of Sestrin1 As A Novel Cholesterol Sensor and Regulator Gene
Feb. 8 Dr. John Wagner, Ph.D.
Metabolomics: Molecular and Phenotyping at the Intersection of Nutrition and Biochemistry
Feb. 15 MANTP Presents:
Dr. Elizabeth Leibold, Ph.D.
University of Utah
Iron Regulatory Protein 2 Regulates Insulin Production in Pancreatic β-cells
Feb. 22 MANTP Presents:
Dr. Rob Miller, Ph.D.
Kaleido Health
How selective Glycans affect the Microbiome to improve Health
Mar. 1 Dr. Wallace Lui
Post-Doc: Denu Lab
Mechanisms of Sirtuin Activation through Nucleosome Binding
Mar. 8 Dr. Madeleine Signman-Grant, Ph.D.
University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
Infant Feeding Guidance: Revised AGAIN?!
Mar. 15 Dr. Mary Sorci Thomas, Ph.D
Medical College Wisconsin
Lipid Metabolism and Procollagen Endopeptidase Enhancer Protein 2: Are They Really Connected?
Mar. 22 Sabrina Dumas
Ph.D. Candidate: Ntambi Lab
(Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program)
Unraveling the Mystery of the Skin-Specific SCD1 Deficient Lean Phenotype
Mar. 29 No Seminar Happy Spring Break!
Apr. 5 Dr. Sharon Donovan, Ph.D., RD
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Applying Systems Biology to Host-microbe interactions in Early Life
Apr. 12 Dr. Brandon Davies, Ph.D.
University of Iowa
Regulation of Plasma Lipids by ANGPTL proteins
Apr. 19 Lexi Macmillen-Uribe
Ph.D. Candidate: Olson Lab
(Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program)
First Steps for a Group-Care Pilot Intervention Targeting Health-related Behaviors of Mothers and Infant
Apr. 26 No Seminar No Seminar: Experimental Biology
May 3 Elania Jones
Ph.D. Candidate: Groblewski Lab
(Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program)
The Role of D52 in Acinar Cell Homeostasis

Autumn 2017 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Sept 7 No Seminar
Sept 14 Sebastian Arriola
(Dairy sciences)
mTOR Signaling: at the Crossroads of Health and Production
Sept 21 Raghavendra Rao
University of Minnesota
Brain metabolism in early-life iron deficiency
Sept 28 Jing Fan
Oct 5 William Lagor
Liver-directed genome editing to study and treat lipid disorders
Oct 12 Volker Haase
Oct 19 Luke Funk
Obesity: An epidemic in need of public health and basic science solutions
Oct 26 Hamid Said
UC Irvine
Physiological, pathophysiological, and molecular aspects of water-soluble vitamin transport in organs of the digestive system
Nov 2 Jason Mills How cells scale up the secretory apparatus during differentiation and down in metaplasia and cancer
Nov 9 Melanie Gillingham, PhD, RD
Oregon Health Sciences University
Anaplerotic therapy with Triheptanoin Improves Cardiac Function in Long-Chain Fatty Acid Oxidation Disorders
Nov 16
Nov 23 No Seminar Happy Thanksgiving!
Nov 30 Cara Westmark
UW-SMPH Dept Neurology
Effects of Soy-Based Diets on Neurological Phenotypes
Dec 7 Scott Reeder
 New Imaging Methods to Assess Liver Disease
Dec 14

Spring 2017 — All seminars will be held in Nutritional Sciences 290 (map) beginning at 11 am on Thursdays

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 26 Dr. Tom Ganz
Professor of Medicine and Pathology
University of California, Los Angeles
Systemic Iron Homeostasis: Mechanisms and Disorders.
Feb. 2 Nita Salzman
Antimicrobial peptides: mediators of intestinal colonization, homeostasis and defense
Feb. 9 Dr. Rita Strakovsky
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Univeristy of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Endocrine disruptors, maternal adiposity, and gestational estrogen status
Feb. 16 Adam Kuchnia
Graduate Research and Teaching Assistant
University of Minnesota
Novel methods to monitor nutrition status and determine protein needs in clinical populations
Mar. 2 Dr. Zhiping Yu
Assistant Professor
Department of Nutrition and Dietetics
University of North Florida
Eating disorders and obesity: contributing factors and clinical intervention?
Mar. 9 Dr. Nita Salzman MD, PhD
Medical College of Wisconsin
How antimicrobial peptides can modulate the colonization of the intestine by beneficial vs. harmful (e.g multi drug resistant) bacteria and the health consequences of this.
Mar. 16 Joshua Mezrich
Mar. 30 Dr. Kent Reed
University of Minnesota
Apr. 6 Porsha Howell
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program Ph.D Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 13 Karl Miller
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 20 Ting-Ni Huang
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Apr. 27 Stephanie Mondloch
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison
May 4 Bridget Stroup
Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program PhD Candidate
University of Wisconsin-Madison

Autumn 2016

Date Presenter Subject
Sept. 15 Dr. Amin Afrazi
Regulation of Toll-like Receptor 4 signaling in Enterocytes during Necrotizing Enterocolitis
Sept. 22 Dr. Patricia J. Keely
Chair, Dept. of Cell
and Regenerative Biology
Effect of the Microenvironment on Tumor Cell Metabolism
Sept. 29 Dr. Frank Lee
Perelman School of Medicine
Prolyl Hydroxylase 2 (PHD2), a Sensor of the Nutrient Oxygen
Oct. 6 Dr. Amber Smith
Creating a Solid Foundation: Aligning Mentor-Mentee Expectations
Oct. 13 Dr. Tom O’Halloran
Dept. of Chemistry, Northwestern University
Zinc sparks and the control of the mammalian egg-to-embryo transition
Oct. 20 Dr. Jackie Wisinki
MANTP Post-Doctoral Trainee
Novel mechanisms of pancreatic beta and platelet dysfunction in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Oct. 27 Dr. David Weimer
Robert M. La Follette School of Public Affairs
Health Care Report Cards
Nov.3 Dr. Cindy Davis
Director of Grants and Extramural Activities, NIH
Diet, Microbiome and Health
Nov. 10 Dr. Joshua Mezrich,
You Are What You Eat; The Effects of Diet on the Gut Immune System in Health and Disease
Nov. 17 Dr. Barb Mickelson
Dr. Jessica Flowers
Nutritionist, Technical Services, Envigo Teklad Diets
Laboratory Animal Diets: Research Variable and Research Tool
Nov. 24 Thanksgiving
Have a wonderful holiday, everyone!
May you always find more to be grateful for than bitter about!
Dec. 1 Dr. Drucy Borowitz
Dept. of Pediatrics, SUNY-Buffalo
The Baby Observational Nutrition Study (BONUS) in Cystic Fibrosis
Dec. 8 Karl Miller
Dept. Nutritional Sciences (Nutrition and Metabolism Graduate Program)
PGC-1a Directed Metabolic Networks in Aging and Caloric Restriction
Dec.15 Dr. Charles Brenner
Dept. of Biochemistry,
University of Iowa (MANTP)
Nicotinamide riboside: From Discovery to Human Translation


Spring 2016

Date Presenter Subject
Jan. 21 Dr. Timothy Reddy
Duke University
Regulatory Mechanisms of Gestational Diabetes and the Discovery of a Novel Human Hexokinase
Jan 28
Feb. 4 Dr. William Karasov
Wildlife Digestion: A View from Molecules to Ecosystems
Feb. 11 Stefano Rivella
University of Pennsylvannia
Children’s Hospital of Philidelphia
Modulation of iron metabolism for the treatment of erythroid disorders
Feb. 18 Joel Mason, MD Cellular pathways of which obesity promotes Colon Carcinogensis
Feb. 25 Charles Stephenson
 Vitamin A is Essential for Immune Function: Does This Mean Vitamin A Supplementation Improves Vaccine Responses
Mar. 3 Elizabeth Johnson (alum)
Tufts University
Lutein and It’s Role in Cognitive Function
Mar. 10 Emily Sawin
Graduate Student
Mar. 17 Josh Mezrich, MD
UW Associate Professor
 You Are What You Eat; The Effects of Diet on the Gut Immune System in Health and Disease
Mar. 24 Spring Break
Mar. 31
Apr. 7 Andrew Rogers, MD Normal and abnormal intestinal development in the Fgfr2IIIb mouse model
Apr. 14 Patti Keely
UW, Professor and Chair
Dept of Cell and Regenerative Biology
Imaging Metabolic Signatures in Situ within the Tumor Microenvironment
Apr. 21 Karen Reue Sex Chomosome Effects on Obesity and Lipid Metabolism
Apr. 28 Josh Neuman
Graduate Student
 G Protein-Coupled Receptors as Targets for Improving Beta-Cell Function in Acute and Chronic Conditions of Glucose Intolerance
May 5 Rush Dhillon
Dept. Biomolecular Chemistry
Epigenetics Theme – WI
Institute for Discovery


Autumn 2015

Date Presenter Subject
Sept. 10 Dr. Melissa Kaczmarczyk,
Associate Principal Nutrition Scientist, PepsiCo
The Role of Industry in the Advancement of Nutritional Sciences
Sept. 17 Dr. Christina Chambers,
University of California, San Diego
Nutrition and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: Can We Modify Risk?
Sept. 24 Dr. Zhuoxi (Joe) Wu,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
HIF1-alpha in the Heart: Provision of Ischemic Cardioprotection and Remodeling Nucleotide Metabolism
Oct. 1 Dr. Corby Martin,
Louisiana State University
Effectively Applying Mobile Health Approaches to Improve Outcomes
Oct. 8 Dr. Verónica López-Teros,
Universidad de Sonora
The Use of Stable Isotopes in Human Nutrition in Mexico
Oct. 15 Dr. Julie Howe,
Auburn University
Peanuts, in a Nutshell
Oct. 22 Dr. Joseph Pierre,
University of Chicago
Primary Bile Acid Surgical Diversion Improves Adiposity and Glycemic Control in High-Fat Diet-Induced Obese Mice
Oct. 29 Dr. Amanda Palmer,
Johns Hopkins University
Agriculture for Nutrition & Health: The role of aflatoxin as an “anti-nutrient”
Nov. 5 Dr. Bill Schrage,
Department of Kinesiology
Vascular Responses to Environmental Stress in Human Metabolic Syndrome
Nov. 12
Nov. 19 Dr. Lisa Cadmus-Bertram,
Department of Kinesiology
Physical Activity and Health Promotion for Cancer Prevention and Survivorship
Nov. 26 Thanksgiving! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!
May you always have more to be grateful for than bitter about!
Dec. 3 Dr. David Eide,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Homeostatic and Adaptive Responses to Zinc Deficiency
Dec. 10 Bryan Gannon,
Department of Nutritional Sciences
Applications of 13C in Vitamin A Assessment and Maize Carotenoid Bioefficacy

If you would like a pdf version of our Seminar Series schedule, please click Autumn 2015 Seminar Schedule.