Jing Fan

A profile photo of Jing Fan, an assistant professor of Nutritional Sciences. Jing Fan
Associate Professor of Nutritional Sciences
Investigator – Morgridge Institute for Research
Ph.D. 2014, Princeton University


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Research Interests:

Immunometabolism; Cancer metabolism; dynamic metabolic regulation

Research Summary:

Mammalian cellular metabolism is a dynamic process that consists of thousands of interconnected reactions and regulatory interactions. While the architecture of metabolic networks is defined by the genome, actual metabolic activity through the pathways varies greatly. Dynamic reprogramming of metabolism enables cells to meet metabolic needs associated with specific cellular states and cellular functions (such as supporting proliferation or activating immune function), and adapt to changes in the environment. The overarching goal of my research is to understand how mammalian cellular metabolism is reprogrammed in response to changes in the environment and cellular state, and how key metabolic activities in turn affect cell physiology. To study this, I combine systematic approaches, especially metabolomics, lipidomics and fluxomics, with targeted biochemical and genetic techniques. Currently, my lab focuses on two main areas: (1) understanding how metabolic reprogramming affects the inflammatory state in macrophages and neutrophils, and (2) understanding how specific conditions in the tumor microenvironment impact the metabolism and behavior of immune cells and cancer cells.

Representative publications:

Britt EC, Lika J, Giese MA, Schoen TJ, Seim GL, Huang Z, Lee PY, Huttenlocher A, Fan J. (2022) Switching to the cyclic pentose phosphate pathway powers the oxidative burst in activated neutrophils. Nature Metabolism. 4, 389-403

Seim GL, John SV, Arp NL, Fang Z, Pagliarini DJ, Fan J. (2023) Nitric oxide-driven modifications of lipoic arm inhibit α-ketoacid dehydrogenases. Nature Chemical Biology. 19, 265-274

Seim GL, Britt EC, John SV, Yeo FJ, Johnson AR, Eisenstein RS, Pagliarini DJ, Fan J. (2019) Two-stage metabolic remodelling in macrophages in response to LPS and interferon-γ stimulation. Nature Metabolism 1, 731–742

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