Research Focus Groups

Since its inception in 1993, this training program has been composed of faculty who provide outstanding research training for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees in a broad array of nutrition-related research areas. MANTP research activities are divided into 5 focus groups. These focus groups foster interactions amongst trainees and trainers to pursue new research approaches in varied systems (e.g. human vs.animal models vs. model systems), work synergistically to augment the research training opportunities for all MANTP members, and remain on the cutting edge with regard to research developments in their focus group area.

Genetics and Nutrition: The interactions between nutrition, metabolism, and the expression of genetic traits and their impact on health and diseases. (Chair – Asst. Prof. Parks); Trainers: Attie, Cryns, Eide, Lamming, Ney, Parks.

Gut Microbiome: How individual differences in microbiota composition and host diversity (e.g. genetics) affect nutritional value of diet components and their impact on nutrition-linked diseases. (Chair – Asst. Prof. Rey). Trainers: Denu, Gern, Mezrich,Rey,Yen.

Mechanisms Controlling Nutrient Homeostasis and Action: How nutrient metabolism is controlled at the biochemical and molecular levels and how dysregulation leads to disease. (Chair – Assoc. Prof, Kimple). Trainers: Anderson, Eisenstein, Fernandez, Groblewski, Hernandez, Kimple, Pagliarini, Pike

Nutrition-linked Metabolic Disease: Factors affecting the etiology of obesity, obesity-related chronic diseases such as diabetes, asthma, and other nutrient-linked diseases. (Chair – Asst. Prof. Engin). Trainers: Davis, Engin, Merrins, Reeder, Schrage, Tanumihardjo.

Population Health Nutrition: The relationship of food, supplements, nutritional status, and genetics to chronic and infectious disease. Including longitudinal cohorts (e.g. SHOW), disease cohorts (e.g. Cystic Fibrosis) and worldwide-epidemiological studies of cancer, and of vitamin D status (Chair – Prof. Mares). Trainers: Engleman, Funk, Lai, Mares, Malecki, Trentham-Dietz